Stainless Steel Fluted Panel

Stainless Steel Fluted Panel Stainless Steel Fluted Panel or Stainless Steel Fluted Profile made from Stainless Steel PVD coated sheets available in various colours like Gold Rosegold black etc in mirror glossy and brush finish. Firstly sheets are cut in various sizes according to the size of T Patti then it's grooved at msi Cnc grooved machine with latest technology.Then it's bend at msi Cnc Bending machine to get d desired shape of T.

It's made from superior quality ss material. Stainless steel T Patti is a profiles used in INTERIR OR Wall Decoration furniture to give luxurious look.

It is made from Stainless Steel colour sheet...

Strip cutted from the sheet as per size of T. Then it is grooved at Our factory with msi v-grooved technology to get sharp flat edges.. To give luxurious look..Then it is carefully bend with msi CNC Bending machine.. To get the form of T... Which is ready to install in inlays...

Awesome bespoke metal decorations for Hospitality, Casino, Shopping Mall, Club, KTV, Luxury Restaurant and Luxury Residential around the world.

additional details

  • Brand : MSI
  • Material : 304/316 Stainless Steel or Aluminium.
  • Size : From 6mm to 100mm.
  • Color : Gold, Rose Gold, Black, Bronze etc.
  • Shape : Can be customized
  • Patterns :None
  • Application :For wall, ceiling, or floor decorative purpose where requires beauty and strength.
  • MTC : Available according to the request.
  • Sticker: Neutral Sticker
  • Kindly reminds : Remove the protective film after the installation
    Keep the surface with clean water and soft things Use mild glue to fix it.

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