Stainless Steel C Patti:

MSI Brand Stainless Steel Decorative pvd Colour Coated inlay C profile starts with C -4 to c - 200 . It is made from Stainless Steel colour sheet...
Strip cutted from the sheet as per size of T.
Then it is grooved at Our factory with msi v grooved technology to get sharp flat edges..we do 5 grooves To give luxurious look..Then it is carefully bend with msi Cnc Bending machine.. To get the form of T... Which is ready to install in inlays...

additional details

  • Brand : MSI
  • Material : 304/316 Stainless Steel or Aluminium.
  • Size : From 6mm to 100mm.
  • Color : Gold, Rose Gold, Black, Bronze etc.
  • Shape : Can be customized
  • Patterns :None
  • Application :For wall, ceiling, or floor decorative purpose where requires beauty and strength.
  • MTC : Available according to the request.
  • Sticker: Neutral Sticker
  • Kindly reminds : Remove the protective film after the installation
    Keep the surface with clean water and soft things Use mild glue to fix it.

Stainless Steel C patti

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